A Delicious Burger Is Hiding Inside This Suspicious Cotton Candy Mountain

Not all burgers are created equal. Some are made of beef, and some are made of vegetarian-friendly ingredients. But today we discuss an entirely different burger, one housed within a giant dome of cotton candy -- only to be revealed in all its decadent, sweet-definitely-not-savory splendor after you cut through layers of fluffy pink sugar.

This beauty is called the Fairy Floss Burger, and its home is in Port Melbourne, Australia, at the Long Story Short Cafe. It's constructed with cotton candy, and topped with flower petals and bits of dried fruit, and served with coconut milk. Once you pour the coconut milk over the dessert, the burger within is revealed -- basically, mounds of honeycomb ice cream layered with a white chocolate matcha sauce and sandwiched between Sicilian brioche buns. Instagram's gone appropriately bananas for this thing.

This isn't the only insanely sweet treat Long Story Short serves. Check out the cafe's social media feeds on Facebook and Instagram to watch videos of desserts like its ice cream-dolloped hot chocolate, taro latte, and matcha pour-overs. The Fairy Floss Burger was originally envisioned as a limited-time menu item, but Long Story Short made it a permanent offering once it became clear this was a super-popular dessert. If you happen to pass through Port Melbourne anytime soon, brave this cotton candy mountain.

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Eric Vilas-Boas is a writer at Thrillist and runs the animation website The Dot and Line. Follow him on Twitter: @e_vb_