Fallon Asked People to Ruin Shows in One Word & It Started a Hilarious Fight

A new "Hashtags" asked people to #RuinAShowInOnWord.

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The Tonight Show has shifted from being The Tonight Show at Home to a show that's back in the studio but without an audience. It's a little weird. It's like watching sports without an audience, every sound and laugh from the crew is highlighted in the cavernous studio.

Nonetheless, the show goes on, as does the show's "Hashtags" segment, where it poses a prompt on Twitter with a hashtag. The funniest replies on prompts like #WorstSummerJob or #MyWeirdRoommate are read on air. This week, host Jimmy Fallon read responses to #AddAWordRuinAShow, a hashtag the show has explored before.

While the premise for jokes is straightforward, it somehow triggered absurd battles between Fallon and Black Thought. The host's example of a ruined show was turning The Last Dance into "The Last Chicken Dance," and he said that no one does that at weddings anymore. That started a tiff about whether or not the song is still a wedding staple. Though, this doesn't require much arbitration. People absolutely still do the fowl dance. Like reboots of Universal monster movies, "The Chicken Dance" will probably never go away. Sigh. 

Watch the video above to see the best responses to The Tonight Show's prompt, including "Whose Cocaine Line Is It Anyway?"

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.