This Family Found a Whole Egg Inside of an Egg

Out of the more than 76 billion eggs Americans eat per year on average, it's safe to say the vast majority contain delicious yolks and whites suitable for frying, scrambling, poaching, and omelette-ing. Or something like that. But it looks like one family recently discovered much more than that after cracking open a particularly large egg: another full-size egg. Best of all, they captured the whole thing on video. 

As a report by Sploid explains, the eggception of sorts isn't a trick, but rather a rare natural phenomenon that happens when a chicken incubates an egg inside of another egg. The process is called a counter-peristalsis contraction, and basically, it happens when upward contractions in the chicken's reproductive system push the first egg back up the production line where it's ultimately incorporated into a second egg. The result is an abnormally large egg with another egg inside of it and, well, one poor hen. 

The family in the video was understandably freaked out by the giant egg and the surprise egg inside, so they ended up using them to make a hair conditioner instead of eating them, according to the video's description. Both of the eggs should have been fine, though, according to the report, and probably would have made for a damn good omelette. 

While it's unlikely you'll ever find such an egg-ceptional (OK, we'll show ourselves out now) egg in a carton from the grocery store, just imagine cracking one open to find another egg inside. The man who uploaded the video, for one, is still in shock judging by this line from the description: "I can't believe it didn't kill my hen." But, really, that's crazy.

h/t Sploid

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