People Are Revealing the Hilarious Food They Thought Was Fancy as a Kid

fancy food tweet - Edited

Kids have a skewed perception of the world. Adults seem impossibly tall. Magic could actually exist. "Garfield" seems funny. Writer Ariel Dumas has highlighted another skewed perception of childhood: Things that are not fancy have the potential to seem ultra-fancy.

It's so subjective that it could be almost anything could fall into that category based on your circumstances. Dumas posed the question to followers on Twitter, "What was the thing you thought was VERY fancy as a kid that turned out not to be?" She helpfully offered her own response to get things going. "I thought Jägermeister was for sophisticated ladies because my mom sometimes sipped some out of a cordial glass at bedtime."

The question pulled in more than 7,000 responses. Many of them included Andes Mints, because, damn, that's a name-brand mint. Other popular answers involved upscale-ish fast-casual chains like Red Lobster and Outback Steakhouse. Those make sense because, well, lobster and steak. That's some fancy foodstuff.

Here are some of the best responses.

Here are some of the best non-food responses.

That pizza box trick is real luxurious, but, you know, try not to start a fire. 

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