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Fans Hilariously Mistake Average Dude for Olympic Gold Medalist on Twitter

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Although countless swimmers all around the world dream of winning a gold medal someday, only a few get to stand at the Olympics podium every four years and actually receive one. But it looks like one man experienced some of the excitement of earning the international sports honor on Wednesday -- and he doesn't even swim

Australian swimmer Kyle Chalmers made Olympic history for his home country on Wednesday night, when he beat out both Nathan Adrian of Team USA and his fellow teammate Cameron McEvoy in the 100-meter freestyle event in Rio. But in their rush to congratulate the 18-year-old swimming champion, many of his fans directed their praise to the wrong Kyle Chalmers on Twitter, according to a report by Mashable. And, well, his reaction was basically perfect:

In the hours since the Olympic swimmer soared to victory at the event, the wrong Kyle Chalmers has received thousands of Twitter notifications from the swimmer's fans via his Twitter handle, @kyle_chalmers. Turns out this particular Kyle Chalmers is just an average 19-year-old guy from Glasgow, Scotland, who's training to become a radio communication technician, according to the report. The gold medalist Kyle Chalmers doesn't appear to have a Twitter account, but he is on Instagram.

Here are just a handful of the congratulatory tweets the wrong Chalmers received, including one from the popular supermarket chain Woolworths:

Unsurprisingly, many of Chalmers' fans have since deleted their tweets or followed-up with corrections. This includes Woolworths, which apologized to the wrong Chalmers and added "in our hearts you're still a winner."

Judging by his tweets since the outbreak of confusion, the non-swimmer Chalmers doesn't seem to mind the attention much. And maybe, as one Twitter user suggested, he might score a few pints out of the mixup. Cheers to that. 

h/t Mashable

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