Farmers Are Using This Terrifying 'Super Monster Wolf' to Protect Their Crops

Farmers in Japan are eschewing old-school farming techniques in favor of terrifying modern technology. In an effort to protect their crops from a growing population of wild boar and deer, farmers near Kisarazu City are throwing scarecrows in the trash and summoning the help of solar-powered robotic wolves, which come with blood-red eyes and a very mean mug. It's essentially what you'd expect from farming in the 21st century, what with all of its very dark omens, and stuff. 

According to Asahi Television, the official name of the robot is "Super Monster Wolf," and its manufacturers are ready to start mass-producing it next month. The wolves use rechargeable solar batteries and emit a range of howling noises, which are presumably scary enough to match its angry appearance. It is apparently better than an electric fence, given the wolf has an effective radius of about .62 miles. 

Here it is in the field, scaring the wits out of hungry boars. 

The mechanical monster measures 65 centimeters (2.2 feet) in length, and runs a total of $4,840, if you're looking to purchase one for your homestead. Farmers can also lease their Super Monster Wolves, given the steep price point.

While enough to keep invasive species and interloping eighth graders at bay, the Super Monster Wolf sure does seem a lot more frightening than the scare crows of old. But hey, at least they're eco-friendly. 

[h/t World Economic Forum]

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