This Year's Fast Food 4/20 Tweets Did Not Disappoint

Fast food 4/20 Tweets
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It's April 20, that day when people around the country put on their worst stoner costumes and go full Jim Breuer in Half Baked. The day truly has it all, from weed shirts to yelling "4/20, bro" at strangers on the street, hanging Jim Morrison flags to eating inhuman quantities of fast food. (It's probably worth following that batch of occasionally true and definitely ridiculous stereotypes with some myths about weed you need to stop believing.)

Naturally, brands have attempted to seize the opportunity to score social media points by showing they're down with the youths. 

We get it. People get high = munchies = fast food. Having a brand yell "4/20, bro!" to you brings up memories of the Fonz waterskiing. If you want to go all-in on 4/20, just offer a 4/20 discount like Toppers Pizza did. No highlarious pot puns. Just a deal on greasy breadsticks.

While pot puns and "we're down" tweets were the soup of the day, there's another method to engage on 4/20. Tweet like your social media manager ate a half-pan of pot brownies and went to work anyway.

That was the approach Applebee's went with. Over the course of just two minutes, the chain pumped out a handful of tweets containing nothing but pictures of food. No words. If you say something it might give away that you're stoned. Just tweet real casual, like everything's normal. Those aren't even, like, 4/20 tweets at all, man.

On the other hand, sometimes the pot pun does strike the tone. High five Jimmy John's. That's not a pot pun. That's because it's also National High Five Day, for some reason. 

Up high! (That's a pot pun.)

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