The Best Fast Food Chains Open on Christmas Day

We’ve got you covered for everything Christmas -- it’s our gift to you this year. Dinner get ruined? Here are the chain restaurants open on Christmas. And here’s where to go for last minute gifts. We believe in you.

Christmas time is here, happiness and cheer, yadda yadda yadda all that good stuff. Sometimes Christmas Day is not as special as we'd hoped for. The honey-roasted ham burns, your uncle said something super racist again, and it didn't even snow. So what do you do? You head to the closest fast food drive-thru possible, knowing a baked apple pie or a carton of french fries will help. When has it not?

With that said, we rounded up the best fast food chains that will be open for at least part of the day on Christmas Day, December 25, along with their store hours.

Fast Food Chains Open on Christmas Day


Hours: Since McDonald's restaurants are franchised, hours vary from location to location -- although the website does state that a "handful" of locations will be open on Christmas Day with limited hours.

Taco Bell

Hours: Similarly to McDonald's, the hours of Taco Bell will be different from franchise to franchise. Call ahead to ensure you can get a Christmas Crunchwrap. Doesn't a Christmas Crunchwrap sound wonderful?


Hours: We all need our coffee fix, even on Christmas Day. Starbucks locations, for the most part, will be open, but their hours may be adjusted "based on customer need." Always a safe bet to call ahead.


Hours: Similarly to Starbucks, a bunch of Dunkin' locations will be open (we all need our coffee). A lot, but not all; so make sure you call your local Dunkin' first before venturing over with a caffeine deficiency. 


Hours: Select locations will be open, some with limited hours, depending on the franchise.


Hours: In Japan, some people eat KFC just for Christmas. You can also do this at select KFC locations, which will be open. Call ahead to make sure.

Panda Express

Hours: Chinese food and Christmas is a classic holiday pairing. Most Panda Express locations will be open, but just in case the one near you isn't, you should call first.

Boston Market

Hours: Most Boston Markets will be open; some will even have a special Christmas menu. 


Hours: If you're really craving a stack of pancakes on Christmas, Denny's will be there for you.


Hours: Same with IHOP. The "vast majority" of IHOP restaurants will be open, but some may have different store hours so call to confirm.

If I didn't say it enough already, holiday hours often vary from location to location -- so your safest bet is to call ahead before making the trek for a cup of coffee, bucket of fried chicken, or tray of nachos. And if you do end up getting some fast food on Christmas Day, make sure you leave a tip for the people hard at work serving you. 

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Kat Thompson is a staff writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @katthompsonn