This Map Reveals the Most Popular Snacks in Every State

Oreo scored the coveted number one slot in five different states.


While I've personally got a very firm stance on the salty versus sweet debate, everyone's entitled to their own opinion -- especially when it applies to snacking. Using Google Trends, career site Zippia compiled a ranking of each state's favorite snacks and that whole "one man's trash is another man's treasure" phrase has never been more fitting.

The platform examined 45 different snack foods and determined which states had the biggest fans. See the map and list below to determine whether you're more of an Alaska, Hawaii, New York, or Wisconsin. 

Courtesy of Zippia

Here's the full list of the top snacks in each state: 

  • Alabama: Ruffles
  • Alaska: Granola bars
  • Arizona: Cheez-Its
  • Arkansas: Doritos
  • California: Cheetos
  • Colorado: Cosmic Brownies
  • Connecticut: Oreos
  • Delaware: Fritos
  • Florida: Mini Doughnuts
  • Georgia: Lay's chips
  • Hawaii: Oreo
  • Idaho: Clif Bars
  • Illinois: Skinny Pop
  • Indiana: Pringles
  • Iowa: Pringles
  • Kansas: Nutter Butter
  • Kentucky: Fritos
  • Louisiana: PayDay
  • Maine: Ritz Crackers
  • Maryland: Oreos
  • Massachusetts: Crunch Bar
  • Michigan: Sour Patch Kids
  • Minnesota: Snickers
  • Mississippi: Twinkie
  • Missouri: Grandma’s Cookies
  • Montana: Rice Krispies Treats
  • Nebraska: Fritos
  • Nevada: Kit Kat
  • New Hampshire: Almond Joy
  • New Jersey: Oreo
  • New Mexico: Beef Jerky
  • New York: Chips Ahoy!
  • North Carolina: Starburst
  • North Dakota: Sunflower seeds
  • Ohio: Starburst
  • Oklahoma: Sour Patch Kids
  • Oregon: Kettle chips
  • Pennsylvania: Hershey’s
  • Rhode Island: Ritz Crackers
  • South Carolina: Salt And Vinegar Chips
  • South Dakota: Milky Way
  • Tennessee: Baby Ruth
  • Texas: Funyuns
  • Utah: 3 Musketeers
  • Vermont: Muffins
  • Virginia: Oreos
  • Washington: Cheez-Its
  • West Virginia: Lay's
  • Wisconsin: Twix
  • Wyoming: Sunflower seeds

"Sweet wins over salty -- 29 states’ favorite snack is sweet," Zippia asserts in its findings. As always, take these results with a gram of sodium, as the site also claims that, "across the country, and around the clock, hungry workers are crinkling chip wrappers at their desks or jamming quarters into vending machines to get their favorite candy bar." We have a feeling those vending machines are seeing a little less action these days. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.