This Map Shows the Most Popular Thanksgiving Foods in Every State

Everyone has a favorite Thanksgiving side dish -- that one food you'll inevitably fill up on as you glop a second, third, or fourth serving onto your plate. Maybe you're a sucker for stuffing, sweet potato casserole, or even yams (no, they're definitely not the same thing). But how do preferences differ coast to coast? Does geography play into the popularity of certain sides or desserts? 

Fortunately, the answers to those burning questions are a little clearer now thanks to a new infographic that identifies the most popular Thanksgiving foods in every state.

most popular thanksgiving foods
General Mills

This new survey of favorite Turkey Day food was compiled by a research team at General Mills, which looked into the most frequently searched recipes in a given state between November 1 and Thanksgiving of 2016 on three different popular recipe sites:,, and

The range of recipes may be a bit more diverse than you'd expect, and a couple whose inclusion in a Thanksgiving sides spread may seem a bit puzzling (looking at you, Mississippi). To find out where your state settles into the mix, check out the map (shown above) and the full breakdown:

Alabama -- Sausage balls
Alaska -- Cinnamon rolls
Arizona -- Shrimp
Arkansas -- Chicken and dumplings
California -- Macaroni and cheese
Colorado -- Cranberry sauce
Connecticut -- Butternut 
Delaware -- Sweet potato casserole
Florida -- Pumpkin cheese cake
Georgia -- Sweet potato caserole
Hawaii -- Crescent recipes
Idaho -- Biscuits 
Illinois -- Mashed potatoes
Indiana -- Peanut butter cookies
Iowa -- Monkey bread
Kansas -- Pinwheels
Kentucky -- Chicken and dumplings
Louisiana -- Cornbread stuffing
Maine -- Chicken pot pie 
Maryland -- Crab cake
Massachusetts -- Cheesecake
Michigan -- Chili
Minnesota -- Green bean casserole
Mississippi -- Chicken spaghetti
Missouri -- Breakfast casserole
Montana -- Oven roasted vegetables
Nebraska -- Monkey bread
Nevada -- Peanut butter cookies
New Hampshire -- Blueberry pie
New Jersey -- Crab cake
New Mexico -- Pecan pie
New York -- Cheesecake
North Carolina -- Sweet potato pie
North Dakota -- Apple crisp
Ohio -- Buffalo chicken dip
Oklahoma -- Pecan pie
Oregon -- Bread stuffing
Pennsylvania -- Buffalo chicken dip
Rhode Island -- Monkey bread
South Carolina -- Sweet potato pie
South Dakota -- Pumpkin pie
Tennessee -- Sausage balls
Texas -- Chicken spaghetti
Utah -- Crescent recipes
Vermont -- Butternut squash soup
Virginia -- Macaroni and cheese
Washington -- Sugar cookies
West Virginia -- Buffalo chicken dip
Wisconsin -- Shrimp
Wyoming -- Pork chop

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.