FBI Agent Backflips on Dance Floor, Drops Gun, Accidentally Shoots Bar Patron

No one likes half-committed dancers. Your ironic finger-wagging isn't helping the vibe, and honestly, if you're not fully inverted -- twerking upside down or going full Jedi -- you're not trying. But, as an off-duty FBI agent learned over the weekend, if there's one thing folks hate more than a bore on the dance floor, it's people accidentally discharging their firearms on the dance floor.

As you can see in the video above, an off-duty FBI agent was gyrating with great vigor on Saturday night as a crowd looked on, so he decided this was his time to shine and attempted a backflip. His gun then fell to the ground, and as he frantically grabbed for it, he accidentally fired into the crowd.

As the beat to Jagged Edge's "Where's the Party at?" thumped on, the employee of the United States' principal federal enforcement agency tried to play it all off with a shrug that communicated "my bad," like he'd tried to shoot paper towels into a trashcan and missed. Not shot a bar patron in the leg. 

"The victim was transported to the hospital with a good prognosis," according to the Denver Post.

Here's another view of the scene:

The FBI agent ended up at Denver police headquarters before he was released to an FBI supervisor. One can only imagine how that conversation went. The Denver District Attorney's office will decide charges for the latest victim of disco fever.

But regardless of what the DA decides, this is 100% a party foul.

h/t Business Insider, Denver Post

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