The FCC’s ‘Harlem Shake’ Video Pissed Off All the Wrong People

After spearheading the Federal Communications Commission's vote to gut net neutrality on Thursday, FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai appeared in a cringeworthy video titled “7 Things You Can Still Do on the Internet After Net Neutrality." In an attempt to convey to Americans that the internet isn't wedged in a guillotine, Pai uses the video to pander to millennial stereotypes by taking selfies, playing with fidget spinners, and strangely, dancing the "Harlem Shake." It truly is a sight to behold. 

But the video, which was made by conservative media outlet The Daily Caller and features a cameo from a Pizzagate propagandist, might spell trouble for Pai, specifically for its use of the "Harlem Shake." The song's writer, Harry Rodrigues, who goes by the stage name Baauer, vowed to take action against the FCC for resurrecting his viral dance track, which is now ancient in terms of a meme's lifespan. 

He said in a statement to Billboard Dance

"The use of my song in this video obviously comes as a surprise to me as it was just brought to my attention. I want to be clear that it was used completely without my consent or council. My team and I are currently exploring every single avenue available to get it taken down. I support Net Neutrality like the vast majority of this country and am appalled to be associated with its repeal in anyway."

Rodrigues was first alerted to the video by his brother in beats, Diplo: 

Shortly afterward, Baauer tweeted that he was "taking action" against the FCC, which could mean alleging copyright infringement in a lawsuit. 

The video is no longer on YouTube but you can still watch it on the Daily Caller's website if you'd like to be appropriately weirded-out. 

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