A Fight in the Audience of a Boxing Match Was So Huge the Boxers Watched It

One of the best parts about paying to see a fight is that the violence will stay far, far away from you. Those two insane people can beat each other to a pulp, but you're not going to have to test your own loyalty to your friend when someone puts them in a choke-hold. 

But that was not the case in Manchester on Saturday at a fight between Tyson Fury and Sefer Seferi. A rumble broke out in the crowd, and it grew and grew into a battle royal. It was so huge that the boxers were distracted from literally beating each other into submission with their fists and watched for a bit.

The Sun reports that there were 15 people caught on tape throwing punches, but watching the footage from different angles, that might even be a conservative estimate. All you can really see is general mayhem and a few women in the midst of possibly the most testosterone-ridden men in the entire world.

This broke out near the end of the second round. The Mirror reports that took a minute between rounds to look out over the ropes and was even seen smiling and he watched.

Eventaully the two men who were paid to hit each other resumed hitting each other, and men in yellow shirts came to get the other men to calm down.

Tyson Fury won if you're curious, but that seems kind of beside the point.

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