Fireball Just Unleashed Kegs That Hold 115 Shots

Your party just got a bit spicier

Courtesy of Fireball

While the average drinker may choose other whiskey options over Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, or indulge in the spicy liquor from time to time, Fireball fans love it with, well, a fiery passion. And now, diehard cinnamon whiskey connoisseurs have a new product that's proportional to their love for the stuff: the Fireball keg, aptly dubbed the FireKeg.

The FireKeg is filled with a whopping 5.25 liters of Fireball, which translates to about 115 shots, according to a spokesperson for the brand. In addition to this truly astounding amount of liquor, the keg sports a bright red paint job and features three pouring spouts, so you won't be stuck in line for your next shot. The Fireball will just keep flowing and flowing.

The FireKeg sells for about $74.99 and is now available nationwide. People seeking these large quantities of cinnamon whiskey should check their local retailers. 

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