This Guy Proves Firework-Powered Model Planes Are a Very Bad Idea

fireworks airplane
Screengrab Reddit @Tnargkiller

Pop quiz. Is it a good idea to jerry-rig a firework to another object just to see if Wile E. Coyote was right about fireworks making things rocket powered? 

The answer is obvious, as basically every fireworks video on YouTube can prove. Things can go wrong in a boatload of ways, no matter how creative you think you are. Just take a look at the weirdly horrifying demonstrations the Consumer Product Safety Commission posted in advance of the Fourth of July. It's like Eli Roth's dry runs for a student film. 

Here's a great example. This fella put a firework on a model plane and set out to find glory. Of course, it went poorly. Of course, it did. There wasn't any other way this was going to go. 

Watch above as he launches the plane into the air and it takes that loping path model planes always seem to take. That leads to ignition and the plane launching itself toward a neighbor's house. The video cuts out abruptly at the end. Hopefully, the neighbor's house is no worse for the scare.

Few details about the incident are provided at the Reddit post where it rose rapidly before spreading to other platforms. 

Yeah, don't try this and maybe keep the video handy for next year when you think this might be a good idea. If that's not enough to deter you from trying this at home, maybe earmark this pile of videos showing that even professionals get it wrong sometimes. 

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