This Whiskey Brand Will Pay You $100,000 to Become a Fist Model

Fistful of Bourbon is looking for a "spokesfist."

fistful of bourbon whiskey bottle
Courtesy of Fistful of Bourbon

Has anyone ever told you that you could be a hand model? How about a fist model? It's something you've probably never considered, but it looks like now may be the time to change that, because whiskey brand Fistful of Bourbon will pay someone $100,000 to use their fist in a new ad campaign.

"The Search for the $100,000 Fist" is an open casting call to find Fistful of Bourbon's first-ever "spokesfist," the picture-perfect star of future brand campaigns and an unofficial mascot for the whiskey line, the company said in a press release on Tuesday.

“Here at Fistful of Bourbon, we’re looking for a new leading star, someone that can truly wow us with their panache,” said Anthony Bohlinger, US brand ambassador at Fistful of Bourbon, in a press release. “Fistful is a blend of five straight American bourbons—literally a fistful—that together delivers the best bourbon has to offer and so, it’s only natural we want to find the best fist around these parts to be our Spokesfist.”

An easy gig with a big payoff will undoubtedly be competitive, so it's important to put your best hand forward when you apply. According to the company, applicants will need one helluva fist, maximum grip strength, a steady hand, and the ability to clench on cue.

The selected spokesfist will receive hand spa treatments, training from a Hollywood hand model, a custom-designed bottle featuring their fist, and a $100,000 paycheck.

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How to Apply

To be considered for the spokesfist job, you'll need to fill out an application before Tuesday, April 13. Applicants must be at least 25 years of age and authorized to work in the US.

The job listing is live on and other job-hunting websites like Indeed, where specific rules and requirements are laid out. To apply, you'll be asked to enter in your personal information, provide a link to a social media profile, upload photos of your fist, and write up to 300 words about why you deserve the gig.

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