Madman Climbs Europe's Tallest Chimney on a Windy Day and Your Stomach Will Flip

There's a strange world of daredevil YouTube videos that form the entire center section of a Venn diagram graphing awe-inspiring feats of idiotic bravery and things you should absolutely never try yourself. In that middle section, you'll find Romanian rooftopper (and occasional juggling daredevil on a unicycle) Flaviu Cernescu. He just scaled the tallest chimney in Europe for a video that will flip the stomach of anyone with a healthy fear of heights. 

Cernescu and his partner filmed their ascent up the chimney, which is unnamed in the description but is presumably in Trbovlje, Slovenia. There you'll find both the Save River and a 1,197-foot chimney that matches the description in the video.

The duo starts their climb with the goal of hitting the top before sunset. Yes, they're climbing down without safety equipment in the dark, which makes the lunacy of their endeavor all that much more impressiveterrifyingstupid... let's... uh... let's stick with impressive.

The walk at the top might have your stomach churning even before he walks the rim of the chimney juggling. Yet, even more nauseating is the earlier water break where he asks his partner if she feels the chimney moving. They note that healthy wind again at the top, which should make you shudder a little.

Another thrill-seeker from the YouTube channel OJ Adventures scaled the same chimney in 2016 if you haven't had enough of this climb. It's way the hell up there, as Cernescu demonstrates when he tosses an apple into the chimney's black abyss to see how long it takes to hit the ground.

The answer was way too long. 

Also, like Cernescu writes at the start of the video, you really shouldn't try this kind of thing. 

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