This Viral Photo Might Be the Travel Story of the Year

The photo and the heartwarming story behind it went mega-viral on social media this year.

Kindness goes a long way and at times, it gets recognized and celebrated as it deserves to be.

Reddit recently released its end-of-year Reddit Recap of 2023, highlighting the most popular and viral threads, trends, and posts on the social media platform throughout this year. In the category of most popular posts, the winning one is travel-related, and it is about genuine kindness and human connection.

Originally posted in r/MadeMeSmile, a photo shows a flight attendant sitting on the aisle ground during a flight while he holds a woman's hand, who is sitting in an aisle seat. "This woman was so nervous about flying," reads the caption. "So the flight attendant explained every sound and bump and even sat here holding her hand when it still got to be too much for her."

The original poster, who goes by Nelli2325 on Reddit, eventually commented too, and shared more details about the scene. "He is Floyd Shannon-Dean and he works for Delta (Endeavor specifically)," the poster explains. "He was the kindest, warmest person and deserves lots of praise!"

The comment section is a flood of positive thoughts and good vibes. "Cheers to that, I hope Delta recognized him for going so far out of his way to show a bit of human kindness," says one user. "This is the kind of wholesomeness I subbed here for." Another user takes an even more poetic route, and wishes Shannon-Dean the best. "To the Flight Attendant," they wrote. "May your troubles be as narrow as that aisle and may your joy be as big as your compassion."

The photo and the story behind it didn't just go viral on Reddit, of course. The story picked up media coverage from outlets around the world, including Thrillist.

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