Flight Deal Alert: Round-Trip to Europe From $351

cheap flights to germany

Look, it's terrible news, but summer is nearly over. It's a difficult situation, but a cheap flight to Germany might help alleviate some of the mental anguish of winter's approach. There are some really good deals on flights to Germany from major U.S. hubs right now, but, as always, flight prices change rapidly. If you want to take advantage of these deals it's advisable to jump on this before the deal disappear.

From Boston, there's a little flexibility. You can use the ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search to get flights to Berlin for as little as $396, to Dusseldorf for $398, or to Hamburg for $390. Below are instructions for how you can take advantage of those deals. It's a little complicated, but you'll quickly forget about that when you're sitting in Germany enjoying a Hefeweizen and sausage.

Cheap flights to germany
ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search

Head to the ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search and select BOS as the departure airport with the outbound advanced routing code "dl+ /f bc=v." Then enter TXL for Berlin, DUS for Dusseldorf or HAM for Hamburg with the return advanced routing code "dl+ /f bc=v." Then click "see calendar of lowest fares" with a length of stay for 3-10 days and you'll get a calendar of cheap flights like the one above. 

Even beyond the $396 flights, the prices are cheap in September through November.

Cheap flights to Germany
ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search

A similar deal is available, bound for Dusseldorf, if you're leaving from New York (NYC), Los Angeles (LAX), Miami (MIA) or Philadelphia (PHL). Trips on that route can be found as cheap as $351 for flights from September through November.

Like with the last deal, head to the ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search and enter the appropriate departure city code (above, next to the city name) and the outbound advanced routing code "dl+ /f bc=v." Then make the arrival city DUS with the return advanced routing code "dl+ /f bc=v."

While the flights get down to $351 a couple times over that date range, as you can see above, there are a lot of cheap flights from $400 to $450 throughout October and November. Even if you're not getting the cheapest deal available, it's still a deal.

Cheap flights to Germany
ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search

There's still hope for people in other cities as well. The deals aren't quite as good, but there are flights from $520 out of Chicago and from $594 out of Seattle to Frankfurt.

For Chicago, use the same process above, only use ORD as your departure airport and FRA as your arrival airport with the outbound advanced routing code "o:ua+ /f bc=K," and use that same one for the return advanced routing code. Do the exact same thing for Seattle, except use the departure airport code SEA.

Those are all a good deal cheaper than the $1,000 plus that a flight to Germany can generally run you, especially from the west coast of the U.S. Some of those flights even get you into Germany in time to hitch a train to Munich for Oktoberfest on Sept. 17. That's a decision you won't regret unless you regret eating delicious food.

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