Video Catches Elite Alligator Scaling a Fence in Florida

Dog owners love to muse about what their pets might be doing when they’re alone in the home. Some owners have reason to suspect that their animals are up to no good, as was the case with the French bulldog that, with uncharacteristic agility, was able to leap out of his pen. But us humans didn’t realize we should probably be concerned about what the alligators are doing when nobody is watching, until a Florida motorist caught an alligator successfully scaling a fence.

Video (shown above) of the reptile's surprising climb was posted by a TV station in Jacksonville, Florida on Sunday, much to the surprise of over a million viewers. You can see the gator juuuuust scrambling over the top of the fence at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, and sort of neck-planting on the other side as the rest of its body flopped. Not the stuff of action movies, but maybe anxiety-inducing.
NAS Jacksonville posted a photo of the elite gator on Facebook. “We have several on the base and they don't respect our security measures,” the caption read. “On the serious side, always be aware with small children and pets.”

And because I’m a Weird Internet journalist that has seen Some Stuff, I’d like to add that gators have been seen running off with people’s guacamole, too. So keep that at home, because there’s a guac shortage.

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Ruby Anderson is a news writer for Thrillist.