Fisherman Catches a Shark, Then a Bigger Shark Teaches Him a Valuable Lesson

shark eats shark
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Like Qui-Gon Jin said in The Phantom Menace, there's always a bigger fish. It's a simple lesson, but it really hit home this week for one fisherman in Jacksonville, Florida. Angling off a pier, he caught a good-sized shark that would have made for a nice day on the water by itself.

After he got the shark on the hook, things went south. Another much, much larger shark came along and drove home Qui-Gon Jin's point. The shark rose up and took the smaller shark right off the line.

The video  embodies every stereotype about fisherman known to mankind. The man on the pier simultaneously earned himself a "one that got away" story and will be able to exaggerate the size of the shark that stole his shark. It was undoubtedly a very big shark, but others on the pier can be heard starting to inflate the story to epic proportions saying the shark was 10-feet long, another says it was at least a 12-footer.

At least this fisherman has a grainy video that kind backs up the tall tales he'll undoubtedly be telling for the next 40 years.

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