Florida Man's 8-Foot King Cobra Is On The Loose

Published On 09/03/2015 Published On 09/03/2015

A king cobra, measuring 8-feet long, has escaped from a private home in Orlando, FL sometime in the past 24 hours, according to local reports. The snake’s owner apparently has a permit to possess the deadly reptile, and notified Florida Fish & Wildlife as soon as he noticed the giant snake was gone.

Several schools are located nearby, and are taking precautions to protect children from the giant snake lurking through the neighborhood, like canceling recess. But thankfully the massive serpent has a Twitter account, where he expressed his apologies... sort of.

Captain Chris Roszkowiak warned, “if someone does see [the king cobra], please call our number so we can try to recapture the snake. But please do not approach it, don't corner it or let any animals at it." Because a king cobra packs enough poison per bite to kill 20 people. So, you know, keep your distance.

h/t MyNews13

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John Marshall is similarly venomous, hooded, and narrowly escaped from Florida.



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