This Dream Job Will Send You on a Free Trip with Your Best Friend

Flytographer is hiring its first-ever pair of Chief Memory Makers this summer.

best friends in tokyo
Photo courtesy of Flytographer
Photo courtesy of Flytographer

Social media wizards, unite! This is your chance to not only spruce up your Instagram with new, exciting content, but to also get a free vacation with your best bud while you're at it.

Flytographer, a platform connecting travelers with local photographers across more than 350 destinations, is hiring two best friends as Chief Memory Makers for the summer, and it's giving them a $5,000 travel stipend to travel to their dream destination and document their trip with cool pics. During the trip, which will need to be taken by August 31, the BFFs will need to capture as many memories as possible through a Flytographer photoshoot, which will be then showcased on the platform's Instagram account.

You basically get a free vacation to have fun, and if it sounds too good to be true, we get it—but there is actually no catch. If anything, the rewards don't end here. In addition to the travel stipend, Flytographer will also cover the duo's roundtrip airfare as well as week-long hotel accommodations in their chosen destination. With more than 350 options across the whole wide world, including Paris, Bali, Cape Town, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Ibiza, and many more, the duo will really be able to craft the trip of their dreams, which they will be responsible for planning.

"My hope for the role is that the Chief Memory Makers will live out Flytographer's mission to create memories while traveling that will last a lifetime and have photos that capture the magic of the entire experience," founder Nicole Smith said in a statement. "Flytographer has captured thousands of best friend photoshoots since the company began 10 years ago, so we often see behind the lens how special traveling with your best friend can be. We encourage BFFs of all types, including mother-daughter duos, spouses, siblings, college roommates and neighbors, to apply."

Applying is pretty simple, and you have until May 15 to do so, though early applications are encouraged. Just visit this link and fill out the application explaining why you're the right fit for the role, and include links to your social media handles and details about your dream destination.

For more information, you can visit Flytographer's website.

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