Here's the Food That Every State Hates the Most

food each state hates

Just like every state has some disgusting food it loves, every state has some food hate built up as well. Hater, the dating app that pairs people based on the things they dislike, has culled data from its hundreds of thousands of users to show off what food every state hates most. 

Just like it did previously with its map of what every state more broadly hates, the map reveals what each state hates relative to the rest of the world's hatred of that food. The results occasionally make a lot of sense, because of course, Washington hates K-Cups and Texas hates when you cook meat incorrectly. And, as New Jersey's hatred of gas station wine shows, some results are just weird and baffling. 

food each state hates most

Naturally, there's crossover with the list of what every state hates most. North Dakota still hates tiny bits of food on tiny plates, Illinois gets shivers up its spine when you bite string cheese, and Tennessee has an irrational hatred of foraged food. Is that truly a problem in Tennessee? Every person you meet on Tinder is the same in Tennessee. He seems fine, and then boom! All he eats are questionably-sourced mushrooms and chives.

Also, Georgia still can't deal with tuna salad. What the hell do you have against tuna salad, Georgia?

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