These Are the Foods International Tourists Are Most Excited to Eat in the US

foods tourist want to eat in the United States
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Tourists visiting the United States have tons of options for a world-class meal. But the most American food -- the food people outside the US associate most closely with the US, even if it didn't originate there -- might be easier to spot at the gas station, state fair, or corner diner. We're talking about greasy dishes like corn dogs, the juicy lucy, and tater tot hot dish.

One Reddit thread is attempting to discover what travelers from other countries are most excited to eat when they hit the States. The thread has been around for a couple months but is still going strong with more than 36,000 replies to date.

Here is how foreign travelers are responding to the thread titled "People not from the USA, what "American" food are you most interested in trying?"

A surprising response, but the commenter isn't wrong. You don't see that on many menus. 

This was a surprisingly common response. 

This has come up before. 

And, finally, this is the perfect answer. It is quite possible the question's correct answer. Hopefully, this person knows they're in for a day of bacon Fluffernutters, duck bacon wontons, deep fried avocado, and Mini Donut Beer.

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