The 10 'The Force Awakens' Deleted Scenes You Definitely Haven't Seen

Chewbacca's got a violent streak. Like a "wookiee gonna tear off your arms" violent streak. At least, according to a The Force Awakens scene that was apparently too violent for the final film. 

Screen Rant just published a video detailing 10 The Force Awakens scenes that didn't make it to theaters. Included in these no-shows is the aforementioned scene where Chewbacca rips off some dude's arm, a snow speeder chase, and this whole thing involving "Constabale Zuvio," a character who was cut out of the film completely. 

Check out the video to hear about all 10 of these never-before-seen storylines, and try to keep your hands off your lightsaber. 

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