The One Thing You Should Never Order at Chipotle, According to a Former Employee

Laura Murray/Thrillist

Thanks to Chipotle's recent buy-one-get-one free entree promotion and upcoming $3 burrito deal on Halloween, now could very well be a great opportunity to try something different -- the new chorizo, for example -- on the burrito chain's menu. But it turns out there's one Chipotle entree you should avoid ordering the next time you're there, according to a former employee. At least, that is if you want to get the most food for your money (or BOGO coupon).  

The former employee, who goes by KourageWolf on Reddit, warned that you should "never ever ever" order the tacos entree at Chipotle because it's just not a good deal when compared to the burritos and burritos bowls of the same price. We'll let the former employee explain the specifics:

If you've ever ordered the tacos at Chipotle (why?!) and watched them scoop the ingredients into the tortillas, this probably makes a lot of sense, although it's certainly possible that the amount of food you get when ordering the tacos will vary thanks to the seemingly unscientific measuring methods used on the chain's high-speed burrito assembly line. Either way, the former employee's suggested alternative to order tacos sounds absolutely brilliant and is likely the way to go.

Of course, this is just one person's opinion and shouldn't stop you from ordering tacos at Chipotle if you really want tacos instead of a burrito or burrito bowl that could potentially be a better value. But then again, when the people at the front lines of fast food sneeze guards say you shouldn't order certain things, you should probably listen. 

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