Four Loko's New Seltzer Is Inspiring a Lot of Jokes

four loko hard seltzer
Courtesy of Four Loko - Edited
Courtesy of Four Loko - Edited

"Hard seltzers ran so we could fly." With those seven words, the entire world has spun back to a time when Four Loko was more than a shudder-inducing bit of nostalgia. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of foolishness. It was the Loko-est of times. And now, it's a hard seltzer

Details about Four Loko's 14% ABV seltzer -- billing itself as the "hardest seltzer in the universe" -- are scarce. However, in a weird way, this announcement makes sense. No, really. It does. It's coming the same week that Natural Light and PBR have announced their own hard seltzer lines. It's a thing. Do you even exist if you don't have a hard seltzer?

Four Loko's entry into the world of seltzer has a lot of people reminiscing about its initial launch in 2005. Some memories are fine, some are not so fine, and some we're still trying to repress. Those feelings surfaced hard after the announcement, as Four Loko jokes and memes took over social media, plenty of which were actually sent out by Four Loko.

Take a trip down memory lane with the best Four Loko jokes from the jittery booze brand's potentially big return to prominence.

The jokes are working in Four Loko's favor. According to data from Sprout Social, a social media management and analytics platform for businesses, the Loko has generated way more attention with its launch than Natural Light and PBR combined.

On Twitter, the company found more than 15,128 tweets about Four Loko's seltzer the day of its launch. Meanwhile, PBR drummed up very little interest (the company didn't even tweet about it on launch day), and Natty Light's launch generated just 2,821 tweets. Though, PBR's limited numbers may have something to do with its launch only taking place in four states versus Natty's national rollout.

It feels like everyone has been waiting for Four Loko to reenter the world with some absurd new product. 2019 is some kind of year.

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