The Four Seasons Is Preparing to Launch a Line of Luxury Yachts

The hotel brand previously launched a line of private jets, but now has its sights set on the high seas.

In this week's aspirational wealth news, the Four Seasons has announced plans to launch a line of supersized yachts. The luxury hotel chain plans to deliver its first vessel by the end of 2025 and has two additional vessels already in the works. All told, the fleet is expected to cost a whopping $1.17 billion.

The 14-deck Four Seasons Yacht will feature 95 suites for you and your incredibly long list of close friends. These suites, which run up to 818 square feet in size, have the ability to expand into massive indoor-outdoor living spaces. The smallest suite is a humble 581 square feet. Oh and the yacht’s 1-to-1 guest to staff ratio will make sure even your most needy guests will be taken care of.

But, the real stunner is the Funnel Suite. This four-level, 9,601-square-foot suite comes outfitted with a private pool and spa that would suit even the most high maintenance celebrity.

Courtesy of Four Seasons Yachts
Courtesy of Four Seasons Yachts

If the sheer size of this yacht isn't enough to sell you, perhaps the massive pool deck and outdoor movie theater will. There’s also several bars and restaurants of course, because what else are you going to do, pack a lunch?

This isn't the first time the Four Seasons has expanded its reach beyond the hotel world. The hospitality giant recently launched a fleet of private jets, as well as a singular yacht experience that offers cruises between the company's properties in the Maldives.

The Four Seasons isn't the only luxury hospitality business setting its sights on the high seas. The Ritz-Carlton is one step ahead and plans to debut its first yacht this fall.

The smallest suite on the Ritz-Carlton's Evrima vessel is 367 square feet and the largest takes up a whopping 1,091 square feet, with a 635-square-foot balcony. The guest capacity for the Evrima is also expansive. The ship can carry up to 289 passengers, compared with the Four Seasons' vessel's capacity of 190.

Someone please get Fergie, the patron saint of glamor, on the phone. Immediately.

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