Watch 4 Waterspouts Touch Down Near a Bunch of Tourists

Not to be all dorm room about it, but it's pretty nuts that weather just comes from the sky. If you ever lose sight of how strange this is, all you have to do is see a tornado and you'll be reminded that it is in fact very mindblowing. Seeing even one feels borderline biblical, but seeing four, which are also made of water? We're not sure what the word for that is. 

But, as you can see in the video above, that's exactly what happened on November 25 at a beach in southern Thailand. A crowd of tourists was gathered at a beach in Koh Lipe, and the waterspouts started appearing as they watched from a safe distance (though fewer people stick around as the video goes on). 

According to Newsflare, the video was shot by Kim Puyu, who works on the island and explained: ''The weather here is very dramatic because it's an island in the ocean. Before the clouds came there was strong sun and it was hot. Then out of nowhere the dark clouds appeared. Nature is so powerful, it's amazing.''

Waterspouts, which are also called funnel clouds, usually only last a few minutes and tend to disappear when they come in contact with land. They're particularly common during the rainy season around the Andaman Sea, but even there, seeing four at once is rare.

And terrifying. And pretty cool. But also terrifying.

h/t Newsflare

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