This Interactive Map Shows Where You Vote and All the Bars Nearby, Too

Published On 11/02/2016 Published On 11/02/2016

As November 8 brings an end to the most exhausting presidential election in American history, voters are going to need a drink.

Your local polling place might not be situated right next to a bar -- a true predicament for the democratic process -- but luckily for you, there’s a new interactive map that tracks polling places across the country in relation to the nearest watering hole.

To use it, simply plug in your address and let the polling places abound. If you plan on voting in the morning, the map also crawls with coffee shops and places to load up on bagels and donuts, a.k.a. the fuel of democracy. You can filter the data according to coffee, food and drinks, too, making this map quite a handy tool whether your priorities are imbibing liquor or ingesting caffeine. 

The visualization comes from Foursquare -- the company that pioneered internet check-ins -- and people can use the company’s other app, Swarm, to earn a virtual “I Voted” sticker which they can ostensibly broadcast on social media. Foursquare partnered with Voting Information Project and Mapbox to build the map, which is just part of the company's many efforts to galvanize electoral enthusiasm through the New York City tech community's #TechTurnsOut initiative. 

As the company's Editor-at-Large, Sarah Spagnolo says in an email to Thrillist: "As a location intelligence company and a leader in the NYC tech scene, we at Foursquare are doing our part to help make fulfilling this civic responsibility easier by leveraging our data to help voters find their appointed polling stations in a fun and interactive way."

The data isn't quite complete though, as the states of Pennsylvania, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine aren't yet included. Foursquare is partnering with the Voting Information Project to update the map in real-time however, so no one is excluded from the most American of traditions -- democracy and beer. 

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