Fox's Super Bowl Stream Crashed in the Fourth Quarter and People Were Pissed

Fox Sports crashed during Super Bowl
Screengrab Fox Sports Go

The Super Bowl is quite easily the biggest sporting event of the year. Millions watch it. It costs millions to buy a commercial during it. Even the halftime show is a wildly opulent affair. For FOX, who has the sole broadcasting rights, it's a massive event and this year they streamed it online for free through their Fox Sports Go app. 

That's nice. Or it was nice until the app crashed during the fourth quarter leaving fans watching nothing but the logo of the app that failed them. It's not clear how widespread the outage was, but it appears to have cast a wide net with the hundreds of complaints streaming on Twitter.

When it happened, the Falcons were up big. But New England rallied in the fourth while the stream was down and none of the online viewers knew it was happening.

People were pissed. 

For many, it wasn't a total disaster. They quickly figured out that the stream for FOX Deportes was still working. Viewers made the best of a bad stream and maybe learned a little Spanish. 

With the score now 28-20 in favor of the Falcons, the stream came back and allowed fans to finish out the game. But for many fans, things were a little touch and go there. 

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