Reporter Goes for Scooter Joy Ride on Live TV and It Ends Poorly

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you hop on a motorcycle and don't know what you're doing. The same can be said of a scooter, especially if there's a gauntlet of expensive and dangerous equipment in front of the bike. 

But that didn't stop FOX 11 reporter Lisa Breckenridge from being placed on a motorized scooter during a holiday gift segment on live TV. One co-host pats her on the shoulder as she turns the key, as though he knows exactly how this segment is about to end.

Just as another cohort says the scooter can hit up to 25 miles per hour, Breckenridge takes off. She moves as though she has no control over the speed of the scooter. This being a studio, there were plenty of objects in her way and she ultimately took a rough tumble off the scooter after careening into a TV monitor.

Later she shared a photo on Instagram of her getting "checked out" by medical personnel. Hopefully that means she's ok. No word on whether or not she's going to prank the showboat who rode the scooter around the studio without any problems as she was lying on the ground.

The lesson here: Learn how to ride a bike before running it through an obstacle course on live TV. Also, wear a helmet.

Thanks for all your concerns a lil mishap on live tv 📺 at the hospital now getting checked out @foxla thanks @firefighter_fitpro

A photo posted by Lisa Breckenridge (@lisabreckenridge) on

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