Chipotle Will Give You Free Chips & Guac for Playing Photo Hunt Online

Laura Murray/Thrillist

As part of its ongoing effort to lure you back to its restaurants with free food, Chipotle is giving away free chips and guacamole right now if you play a new online photo hunt game, fittingly dubbed "Guac Hunter."

It's super simple, especially for eagle-eyed guac lovers. All you have to do is spot all five of the frustratingly tiny differences in three sets of photos before time runs out. At the end of the game, Chipotle will reward you with a coupon for the free order of chips and guacamole via a text message coupon. It takes all of two minutes to do, and it looks like you might even get the deal even if you fail to beat the game. The fine print: Chipotle said the game will run until March 31st and the coupons will be good through April 10th.

Just last week, Chipotle executives said the company might hand out millions more free burritos as the company struggles to win customers back after a series of disastrous food safety issues. Luckily, this latest promotion doesn't ask you to text a certain number to claim your free food, which led to quite the mixup for an unsuspecting man early last month.

Anyway, free chips and guac. Go get it.

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and could really go for some chips and guac right about now, actually. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.