Del Taco Is Trolling the Hell Out of Taco Bell With Free Tacos All Day Today

If there's one thing better than a free taco, it's two free tacos. And that's what you get today, thanks to competing free taco giveaways from Taco Bell and Del Taco. 

Del Taco is expertly trolling its Doritos Locos-slinging competitor by launching its own free taco deal all day Wednesday -- the same day as Taco Bell's annual "Steal a Base, Steal a Taco" promotion. As you may know, T-Bell's giveaway is only happening between the hours of 2pm and 6 pm local time (unless you order through the app). To beat out the other taco purveyor, Del Taco is letting customers roll through at any opening hour to get their taco fix. I mean, you never know when a hard taco craving will hit -- could be 10am, could be 9pm. 

In addition to the flexible hours, Del Taco is also offering different free taco options. There's the original Del Taco, which contains seasoned beef, cheese, lettuce and tomato; the Beyond which is basically the Del Taco with Beyond plant-based meat rather than actual meat; and lastly the Beyond Avocado Taco, which subs out cheese for avocado with a Beyond meat filling. It's a promotion that keeps vegetarians in mind, too.

Like Taco Bell, however, you'll need to have the Del Taco app downloaded to access the free coupon. With that said, we've never said no to free tacos regardless of where they come from. Perhaps you can get a morning taco from Del Taco, and swing by a Taco Bell in the afternoon for an afternoon fix. We won't judge.

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