Fender Guitars Is Offering Free Online Guitar Lessons

Put down your sourdough bread cookbook and pick up your guitar.

guitar lessons online

An unexpected amount of time inside might be enough motivation to finally dust off the guitar that's basically become a decoration. (Or play it dusty. No judgment.) If your guitar playing prowess is as dusty as the actual guitar, Fender is offering a helping hand.

The guitar-maker is offering free guitar, bass, and ukelele lessons through its Fender Play platform. You can grab three free months right now. Plus, you don't have to hand over any payment information, so there's no concern about forgetting you have it and winding up with months of charges like that time you signed up for CBS All Access

online guitar lessons
Via Fender Play

Once you click through to start a trial, you'll be asked to copy a code. The unique code has to be entered during the checkout process to ensure you get your freebie. Currently, Fender is offering one million accounts gratis, per Guitar World. That's up from the 100,000 it announced when the program launched and the 500,000 it later offered when people flocked to sign up. After you're in, you'll select whether you're playing electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, or ukelele. You'll also be asked what style of music you want to play. 

Many of the lessons last just a few minutes, so you can fit a quick lesson easily into the day. There are also loads of songs you can learn with instructional videos and tablature. That'll allow you to learn however you enjoy, whether that's lessons with chords and scales or just learning to play "Eruption" during your first week of playing. You can do it. We believe in you.

online guitar lessons
Via Fender Play

The platform is pretty easy to use. Lessons are broken down in chronological order, and the app is intuitive. It's also possible to jump ahead if you're just rusty and don't want to spend time re-learning your open chords.

Free lessons might be the push you might need to finally learn an instrument after saying you'd do it for all these years. Get on it. 

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