Call Your Mom and Win a Free Year of Wine This Mother's Day

Make that Mother’s Day phone call, and you could get more than just a happy mom.

Courtesy of Libby
Courtesy of Libby

Mother's Day is coming up, and if you haven't already made a brunch reservation and bought your mom or mother figure a gift, the very least you could do is give them a ring on the phone. And to further incentivize making that call, Libby will give one lucky person a year of wine for free.

Here's how you can win: First, call your mom or mother figure on a video call. Take a screenshot of the moment and post it to Instagram, either in your feed or on your story. When you post, make sure that you tag @drinklibby and follow the Instagram account. Use the hashtag #LibbySweepstakes, and you'll automatically be entered to win. You'll have until Sunday, May 8 to submit your entry.

To qualify for the sweepstakes, you must be a resident of Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington, or Washington, D.C, and be 21 or older. For complete rules and eligibility, you can head to Libby's website. The sweepstakes winner will be notified on Instagram from the @drinklibby account.

Now, for more on what you'll win. Libby offers a bubbled White wine and Rose with a low ABV and low calories. The beverages are designed to be a more enjoyable drinking experience, and you'll get a year's supply of wine as the winner!

And if you want to do a bit more for your mom than just give her a phone call, you can check out some of the Mother's Day deals available near you. Some don't even require reservations!

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