Oreo Is Seriously Giving Away a Million Candy Bars Today

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If you've recently enjoyed National Cold Cuts Day and followed it up with a celebration of National Cheese Doodle Day (both totally real things that happened this month), you probably don't need to be told that March 6 is National Oreo Day. If you're basically everyone else in the world: Hey, March 6 is National Oreo Day. 

It lands on the 106th birthday of the delicious creme-stuffed cookie. You probably don't care. What you should care about is that the company is celebrating by making sure basically anyone who wants to can taste some sweet, sweet Oreo goodness in honor of the intensely specific food holiday. 

Oreo is giving away more than a million Oreo Chocolate Candy Bars on March 6. Starting at 6am EST, head to The first million folks to get there are getting a free candy bar. You don't have to download an app or get a tattoo or do anything untoward. 

And because nothing is ever simple, Shaq is getting involved. It's his birthday, too. If you live in his hometown of Atlanta, you can have the man give you a candy bar in person. (If you're unfamiliar, Shaq is a 90s actor best known as the star of Kazaam and the face behind Sega's "Shaq Fu" video game.)

Starting at 1:30pm EST in Atlanta, Shaq will be hanging out at the Atlantic Station for what they're calling... wait for it... "Snack Shaq." Get it? He'll dole out some candy and, probably, high fives. (The times for both the national giveaway and the Atlanta event were pushed back on Monday night, according to Delish. The altered times are due to weather conditions.)

h/t Spoon University

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