Pizza Hut's Free Pizza for Life Giveaway Is a Not-So-Subtle Jab at Domino’s

Whether you're a Pizza Hut fan or a Domino's fan, you can't deny the power of a sick burn. So the fact that Pizza Hut has claimed to topple a world-record number of dominoes in a spellbinding and marketing-heavy, two-minute-long video should clearly read as a shot across the bow of one its leading fast-food competitors.

Nonetheless, the Hut presses forward. The country's largest pizza chain executed the stunt as a way to announce a huge new giveaway. If you can guess how many dominoes they managed to topple the video (shown above), you can win free pizza for life.

This is all part of the brand's new Hut Rewards program, which it touts as "the only national pizza loyalty program that rewards customers with unlimited points for every dollar spent on food online." Basically, every dollar you spend buying pizza via Pizza Hut's online platforms gets you 2 points. Once you rack up 200 points, that's good for a free medium pizza of any kind. Get 250 points and you can get a large pizza of any kind. 

Here's where the dominoes and the promise of free pizza for life come in. It's a very simple giveaway: the first Hut Rewards member to guess the correct number of dominoes in the video above -- and email with that number -- will get free pizza for life.

The closest guess wins, and all contestants have to submit by 11:59pm CT (12:59am EST) on Thursday, August 31. Good luck.

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Eric Vilas-Boas is a writer at Thrillist and runs the animation website The Dot and Line. Follow him on Twitter: @e_vb_