Owner Forced to Use Security Camera to Catch Sneaky Dog Escaping Its Pen

Some dogs aren’t meant to be caged. This is a lesson one French Bulldog owner had to learn the hard way.

Frustrated by his dog’s continued escapes from the confines of a designated dog zone set up in his home, the pet owner was forced to turn to surveillance. He put security cameras on the pen that housed his black and white Frenchies in the hopes of figuring out how one of the pups was getting his little legs up and over the sizable gates. It didn’t take long for him to catch the daring dog in the act.

The pet owner got his answers and the rest of us? Well, we got this amazing video of his four-legged escape artist at work. Footage from the cameras captured the black French Bulldog leaping into the air, landing on top of a flimsy folding pen, before hopping over his last obstacle: a baby gate.

This pup makes breaking free look like child’s play. The cameras also captured the priceless reaction of the one and only witness to his escape: an equally adorable white Frenchie. The dog can be seen standing back in awe as his pal heads toward freedom.

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