France's Hottest New Tourist Destination Is the Pharmacy

Influencers are going viral for showcasing highly coveted French pharmacy products.

In France, clubs are out, but pharmacies are in—and exclusive, too. Or at least, that's what most beauty and travel American influencers will tell you.

Surpassing over 130 million views on TikTok, the hashtag #Frenchpharmacy is becoming more and more popular, and it's officially the latest trend sitting at the crossroads between travel and beauty. There is a reason, or better two reasons: accessibility, and price point.

According to many influencers, who have posted a slew of TikTok videos showing off what French pharmacies have to offer, the products available there usually include high-quality brands that are not available in the US, including the famous skincare and sunscreen brand La Roche Posay. Plus, even if some are available in the US, they cost way less in Europe.

Think of the trend as a kind of store and product review. At times, it is even a luxurious experience, too. In one video, TikToker and beauty influencer @glowwithava shares her experience visiting a French pharmacy right after getting off her flight. "When you go straight from your flight to the French pharmacy and they have people measuring your skin's hydration level," reads the overtext, referring to the pharmacist. "This is my kind of people."

Other videos, instead, follow the trend in a broader lens, and proceed to give accurate tips on what to get at the French pharmacies in a haul fashion, just like you would do for clothes. In another one of her videos, @glowwithava does exactly that, showing off all the products she recommends, which include Avene sunscreen, Nuxe body oil, and more.

A very popular spot seems to be CityPharma in the 6th arrondissement, which is highly mentioned in videos across the TikTok trend. TikToker @elizabethvictoriaclark showcased the store in one of her videos, which soon became viral racking up thousands of views and likes. In addition to showing high-end skincare products that you can purchase for as low as 20 to 30 euros, she also highlights that CityPharma offers a variety of valuable supplements and probiotics. However, as the comment section points out and she confirms, you should head over there fairly early in the morning if you want a shot at getting a good amount of products—the pharmacy has now become pretty famous, and it tends to get crowded very quickly.

All these vibe-y hauls aside, it's been fun to see French pharmacies glow in the spotlight. As you can see in the TikTok below, some are clearly taking their new position as the place to see and be seen very seriously by creating a club-like atmosphere of their own.

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