Thanks to French's, Ketchup-Flavored Popsicles Exist Now

This launch follows the condiment maker's mustard-inspired ice cream pints.

Courtesy of French's
Courtesy of French's

A few years back, French's created a controversial mustard-flavored ice cream, and later, Van Leeuwen dabbled with a dijon pint of its own. Despite mixed reviews, however, the condiment giant is once again turning its fan-favorite sauce into a questionable frozen dessert.

On Wednesday, French's debuted a ketchup-flavored "Frenchsicle," which will be available exclusively at pop-up locations across Canada through June 24. According to the brand, the popsicles combine the savory taste of tomatoes with a hint of salty sweetness. 

"I love creating innovative treats that appeal to Canada's diverse tastes," Happy Pops Founder Leila Keshavjee said in a press release. "I started Happy Pops to bring all-natural, handcrafted flavor to Canadians, so French's locally-grown ketchup is a perfect pairing. I can't wait for people to try this condiment-turned-popsicle."

Courtesy of French's

While, according to French's, 79% of Canadians have admitted to liking or loving ketchup, the internet is seemingly not into it.

"I've never been one for cancel culture, but if we are going to cancel anything, it should be Canadian Ketchup Popsicles," one user wrote. Another added, "I was being productive and then I saw these gross ass ketchup popsicles and now I'm texting everyone I know about how disgusted I am." 

Here are more reactions: 

"This year we're bringing the fun back to summer with the Frenchsicle," Country Manager for McCormick & Company Canada Trevor Squires said in the release. "It's exciting to celebrate local food and flavor; from the roots of the Frenchsicle, made with 100% Canadian tomatoes, to our Happy Pops partnership."

The Happy Pops collaboration will only be available in Vancouver, BC; Toronto, ON; and Leamington, ON this week. The next pop-up event is today at 15 York Street (Maple Leaf Square) in Toronto between 11:30 am and 2:30 pm. You can also snag the Frenchsicles tomorrow at 12 W Park Lane in Leamington between 11:30 am and 2:30 pm.

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