Coca-Cola Is Debuting a New Boozy Fresca

Soon you'll be able to purchase Fresca Mixed, a new canned cocktail option.

Just about every beverage company out there has created its own canned cocktail. What felt like a novelty just recently has now become an oversaturated market. But, even with too many options, some combinations are still too exciting to ignore. Coca-Cola announced that the company will launch Fresca Mixed later this year.

Coca-Cola has already launched one hard seltzer from Topo Chico, so it is not the company’s first foray into boozy beverages. But while seltzers have fallen somewhat in popularity, canned cocktails continue to be a growing market.

Fresca Mixed flavors haven't been announced yet, but Coca-Cola executives told CNN that the drinks will be "inspired by recipes created by Fresca fans from around the globe." Currently, the soda comes in Peach Citrus, Grapefruit Citrus, Blackberry Citrus, and Black Cherry Citrus flavors. 

The decision to make Fresca the next alcoholic beverage partly comes from the love people have shown the soda. With no sugar and zero calories, it's already a popular mixer for many. Now, Coca-Cola is taking out the go-between to offer the mixed drink ready-made.

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