Here's Where You Can Get Friday the 13th Tattoos This Week

Every Friday the 13th, tattoo shops offer creepy tattoos. Here's where you can get one.

friday the 13th tattoo locations
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If you're planning on partaking in the Friday the 13th tattoo ritual this year, be prepared for it to be a bit less conventional than you might have expected prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Every Friday the 13th, tattoo shops across the country host a marathon party. It usually involves long lines and tattoos at a reduced cost. Guests pick a small design off a flash sheet—a pre-made set of tattoos designed, often, by in-house artists—and get it inked. The demand can have artists sweating their asses off, with some shops open for a full 24 hours. 

That set-up isn't what you're going to see everywhere this coming Friday, though. Fewer shops are participating, and many still have precautions in place due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

The tradition was popularized by artist Oliver Peck in Dallas. He has previously said that he wasn't the first, but he did turn it into an event. Now, you'll find it happening in just about any city with a tattoo shop. Often you'll find the small tattoos cost $13 plus a "lucky" (and mandatory) $7 tip. Some places go with $31 and a mandatory $9 tip. Other parlors will go even closer to what you'd generally pay on other days. Those interested in participating should note that all artists are pleased to accept tips above the required price.

With tattoos priced that low, it's worth a reminder that you should be good to your artist. They often aren't making much on your tattoo when they offer steep discounts. "The shop doesn't make $$ on Friday the 13th," New York's Daredevil Tattoo previously wrote on its site. "It actually cost us $$ and we are very tired at the end of the day, so we really appreciate nice words and any nice reviews you can leave for us online." Additionally, the artists will appreciate extra financial gratuity, especially when they're showing up during a pandemic. 

Be sure to check shops. in advance. Not all shops participate, and many don't care for the tradition. Paul Collurafici of Chicago's Tattoo Factory, which doesn't do Friday the 13th tattoos, previously told Thrillist you should "watch out for shortcuts." Participating shops are going to be going through a lot of customers throughout the day. "Counters and chairs should be wiped down with sani-wipes after every tattoo," he says. "Needles and tubes should be in sealed sterile packages and opened in front of [you]. New ink poured out while [you] watch." That was advice for participating before the pandemic, so be doubly sure you're seeing that cleanliness at this point.

With all of that in mind, here are shops around the country that are offering Friday the 13th tattoos. Be sure to check with your local parlor for more details because the procedure will vary from place to place, and the specifics can change at the last minute. 

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Austin

All Saints Tattoo
The shop will have 600 exclusive designs on its flash sheet. They're all drawn in-house, and as it says on its site, that's so many designs that they "have a fucking Totoro. And mountains and trees and Yoda." Tattoos that are just an outline will run you $31 with a $9 tip. Outlines with black shading are $40 with a $10 tip. Outline with black and red shading it is $50 with a $10 tip. It's walk-in only, cash-only, and you get a maximum of two tattoos per sitting. 

Black Dagger Tattoo
The shop is playing Tattoo Plinko on Friday the 13th from noon to 8 pm. You'll pay $160 to play and get tattooed. They say you'll drop a chip, pick a design from the corresponding flash sheet that your chip lands on, and then you get tattooed. They're only doing arms and legs, and they're only taking cash. This go-round, they've also got $100 SXSW designs. 

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Charleston

Blu Gorilla Tattoo
Blu Gorilla says on its Facebook page that it will be offering $13, $33, and $66 tattoos. (Don't forget to add a tip on there.) They're only taking walk-ins and it is cash only. The shop has shared a few of the available designs on Facebook

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Chicago

Jade Dragon Tattoo
It is hosting a tattoo and piercing event. It's first-come, first-served on its pre-drawn designs. Tattoos on the sheet are $50 and piercings are $20 before tip.

Mind Crusher Tattoo
You'll need cash to take advantage of the $13 tattoo and mandatory $7 tip Mind Crusher is offering on Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Dallas

Elm Street Tattoo
As it always does, Elm Street will be doing tattoos for 24 hours. The shop's pre-registration is filled, but you can still get a tattoo by waiting in line starting at midnight on Friday the 13th. All three of its shops will be closed the day before so the staff can get ready. It's a cash only event. You'll find more details and a flash sheet on the Elm Street website

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Denver

Certified Tattoo
Locations in Denver and Colorado Springs will be offering $30 tattoos from flash sheets. You'll have to book an appointment through the Cercus app

Crimson Hilt Tattoo
The shop says on Instagram it'll be doing tattoos from 10 am to 10 pm with flash pieces from $50-100. It'll run you an extra $20 for any color. 

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Houston

Red Eye Gallery
At Red Eye, you'll be able to pick from flash sheets for 3x3 tattoos. It'll be open from noon to 6 pm, and you have to pay cash. There is a $100 minimum for black and gray tattoos, and a $200 minimum for tattoos in color.


Friday the 13th Tattoos in Indianapolis

Ceremony Tattoo
The parlor will offer $40 tattoos that you can only get on arms and legs. Check out some of this year's designs above. 

Infamous Tattoo Studio
It has three flash sheets you can choose from. It'll be open from 11 am to 6 pm, offering $31 for black and gray tattoos and $66 for color tattoos. No changes on the designs are permitted, and like many other shops, it's arms and legs only, and you'll have to pay cash.

Steel Rod Tattoo
The shop has an event going with $40 designs and a lot more. 

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Las Vegas

Seven Tattoo Studio
From noon to 8 pm, you'll find tattoos from their flash sheet for $13 with a lucky $7 tip, per the shop's Instagram post.

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Los Angeles

Alchemy Tattoo
It'll be inking customers on a first-come, first-served basis from noon to midnight. More than 1,000 designs will be available for arms and legs, and you'll have to pay in cash.

Mr. Inkwells Classy Tattoos
The shop booked up quickly after it started accepting appointments. Though it said on Instagram that bookings that haven't been confirmed might be canceled and appointments go to the next person in line. If you aren't in line, there will be a 20% off tattoo voucher sale online on Friday only. That voucher can be used whenever you want for the rest of the year. 

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Minneapolis

Sea Wolf Tattoo
Sea Wolf has not listed a Friday the 13th tattoo event, but if you like to plan ahead, it's worth noting that Sea Wolf is celebrating its 10th anniversary on May 27. It will take walk-ins from 11 am to 5 pm for tattoos from a flash sheet.

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Nashville

Grace & Glory Tattoo
The shop started taking Friday the 13th bookings in March for its $100 tattoos. The shop tells Thrillist that it's all booked up for Friday. So, next go-round (January 2023), you might want to book your spot early. 

Friday the 13th Tattoos in New York City

Daredevil Tattoo
The parlor participates in Friday the 13th festivities regularly, but this time, only the person being tattooed will be allowed into the store when it's their turn. It notes on its site that people line up early, and the list fills up quickly. The event runs from noon until 10 pm. Flash sheets aren't shared online, and won't be shared at all until the shop opens on Friday. It's cash only, and they aren't doing necks, hands, bellies, sides, feet, faces, or chests.

Live by the Sword
The Brooklyn and SoHo locations will be doing Friday the 13th events. You'll find original flash designs available from 10 am to midnight. 

Friday the 13th Tattoos in San Antonio

Pleasant Dreams Tattoo & Art Studio
On Facebook, the shop says that it'll be offering $20 tattoos from noon until midnight. Check with the shop for more details. The flash sheets will not be posted online. 

Friday the 13th Tattoos in San Francisco

Moth & Dagger Tattoo
The shop has $100 designs that it says would normally run you $300. It'll open at 11 am and there's a limit of one per customer, as well as a cash-only policy and no design changes are allowed. It also notes on social media that you cannot bring a guest into your appointment, and you will be asked to wear a mask. 

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Seattle

Supergenius Tattoo
The shop will offer tattoos from flash sheets all weekend. The designs cost $50 and up starting at noon on all three days, with the shop staying open until 10 pm. It's first-come, first-served and cash-only.

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