Here’s Where You Can Get Friday the 13th Tattoos for Cheap This Week

Friday the 13th tattoos March 2020

Friday the 13th is a good day to spend time re-watching Candyman before the Jordan Peele version comes out or binging The Walking Dead to see if it was any good after you gave up on it years ago. But, for many people, it's also a great day to get a spooky (or non-spooky) tattoo

Popularized by tattoo artist Oliver Peck in Dallas, Friday the 13th tattoos are a major event at parlors across the country. The shops set out flash sheets -- a sheet or book of pre-drawn tattoo options -- often designed by artists in-house. Those drawings are available as affordable tattoos during events that sometimes go a full 24 hours and cause lines around the block.

If you're getting a Friday the 14th tattoo, be sure you're good to your artist. That should go without saying anytime you're getting a tattoo for painfully obvious reasons. However, artists usually aren't making much on your tattoo when they offer steep discounts like this. The prices vary by shop, but many offer the tattoo for $13 with a mandatory $7 tip. "The shop doesn't make $$ on Friday the 13th," New York's Daredevil Tattoo previously wrote on its site. "It actually cost us $$ and we are very tired at the end of the day so we really appreciate nice words and any nice reviews you can leave for us online." You can also go above the mandatory $7 tip.

Paul Collurafici of Chicago's Tattoo Factory, which doesn't do Friday the 13th tattoos, previously told Thrillist you "watch out for shortcuts." Participating shops are going to be going through a lot of customers throughout the day. "Counters and chairs should be wiped down with sani-wipes after every tattoo," he says. "Needles and tubes should be in sealed sterile packages and opened in front of [you]. New ink poured out while [you] watch." His is one of many shops that don't participate, so be sure you're going somewhere you know will be joining in the festivities. 

With all of that in mind, here are shops around the country that are offering Friday the 13th tattoos. Be sure to check with your local parlor for more details, because the procedure will vary from place to place and details can change at the last minute. Additionally, check the shop's social media the morning of Friday the 13th to be sure events haven't been canceled over the spread of coronavirus.

Friday the 13th Tattoos Austin
Inside All Saints Downtown with flash sheets galore. | Courtesy of All Saints Tattoo

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Austin

All Saints Tattoo
Both locations will offer 551 original designs created in-house by All Saints artists. You can add color to the design if you want. The downtown location will be open from 10am-2am, and All Saints North will be open from midnight to midnight.

Black Dagger Tattoo
From noon to 8pm, you'll find the shop slinging $100 palm-sized tattoos. Black Dagger only accepts cash and tattoos on arms and legs. You'll find the designs shared in advance on Instagram. (Black Dagger confirmed to Thrillist on March 12 that its event will go on as planned.)

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Chicago

Jade Dragon Tattoo
The Chicago shop is offering a few promotions for Friday the 13th. There will be $40 tattoos in addition to one artist who is doing $13 tattoos with a mandatory $7 tip. You can also grab $13 piercings with a $7 tip, and $13 body jewelry with the exception of any gold. (Jade Dragon confirmed on March 12 that its event will go on as planned on Friday the 13th.)

Mind Crusher Tattoo
Swing in for Mind Crusher's 10th year of Friday the 13th tattoos. They'll cost $13 with a $7 tip. 

Pink Rhino Tattoo
The shop will be offering tattoos for 24 straight hours on Friday the 13th. Take your pick from more than 300 designs that will cost $31 plus a minimum $9 tip. 

Tattoo Candy
You'll find the flash-day tattoos costing anywhere from $60 to $120 depending on the size and detail of the design you pick from Tattoo Candy's flash sheets. The standard prices apply to arms and legs. If you want one of those pieces somewhere else, there will be a fee for that. 

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Cleveland

Two Sons Tattoo
While Two Sons doesn't formally host a Friday the 13th event, it does hold Metal Night from 6-10pm on the second Friday of every month. That happens to March 13. You can get a metal-inspired tattoo and prices will vary. You can find a load of available designs above or on the Two Sons Instagram page

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Dallas

Elm Street Tattoo
The shop co-owned by Peck runs a 24-hour tattoo marathon every Friday the 13th. If you want to make sure you get in, sign up for an appointment on Thursday. Reservations won't be taken before that point. Otherwise, the line starts forming just before things kick off at midnight. Tattoos will be $13 with a lucky $7 tip. 

Artistic Encounter
From noon until midnight, AE will let people pick their poison from a big pile of flash sheets. Prices start at $40 and go up to $200. A representative notes that the $200 pieces are "typically closer to $600" on any other day. Sponsors host in the evening, with DJs and games all night. 

Friday the 13th tattoo
Courtesy of Kitchen's Ink

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Denver

Certified Tattoo
From 11am to 8pm, you'll find Certified doing $20 tattoos. That includes the last person who is in line by 8pm. However, Certified is only doing the event at the Lakewood location, per details on its Facebook event.

Crimson Hilt Tattoo
Ink will cost you $20 per piece. The event will run from 10am to midnight, offering black-ink tattoos on arms and legs only.

Kitchen's Ink Tattoo
One-color tattoos are available for $31 to $80. Kitchen's Ink will be open from noon to 7pm, taking people on a first-come, first-served basis. They're only inking arms and legs, and they will only accept cash. It has also confirmed that it plans to remain open on Friday. 

Lifetime Tattoo
The shop will be participating, as usual. Its Instagram page says, "our usual specials and good times will abound." The shop has confirmed it has no plans to shut its doors on Friday as other shops are doing.

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Indianapolis

Ceremony Tattoo
Two artists will be offering $40 tattoos on arms and legs. Ceremony won't allow any design changes, and you'll have to pay in cash.

Delta 9 Tattoo
Delta 9 confirmed to Thrillist that it will no longer be holding its Friday the 13th event.

Steel Rod Tattoo
The custom flash sheets will only be visible in-shop. You'll find $40 flash pieces and 31% off custom designs over $100. Additionally, you can get a nostril piercing for $25. 

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Los Angeles

Mr. Inkwells Classy Tattoos
The Los Alamitos shop is offering $31 tattoos. You can also get a tattoo and a shirt for $50, a pair of tattoos for $60, or 13% off custom work. Reserve a spot here

True Tattoo Hollywood
They'll be doing tattoos for a full 24 hours, but you'll want to plan on waiting in line. The queue usually starts the night before around 8-9pm, according to a representative. Tattoos will go from midnight to midnight, with multiple $20 flash sheets to choose from. There will also be larger options that range from $40 to $120. (True Tattoo confirmed to Thrillist on March 12 that it will still host its event on March 13.)

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Minneapolis

Guns N Needles
Guns N Needles has canceled its event for Friday the 13th. "This decision is in line with other local tattoo shops and concerns over large group gatherings in the current environment," a representative wrote in an email. "Our primary concern is the safety of our clients. We look forward to an even bigger event for the next Friday the 13th in November."

MPLS Tattoo Shop
It's first-come, first-serve at Minneapolis Tattoo's event. They'll open doors at 11am, and this time around, they're donating all the money to the Australian World Wildlife Fund to help with the recovery from the devastating wildfires in Australia earlier this year. (MPLS Tattoo confirmed to Thrillist on March 12 that it will still be hosting its Friday the 13th event.)

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Nashville

Grace & Glory Tattoo
As it usually does, Grace & Glory will be participating from 10am to 4pm. The flash sheets are shared through the shop's social media channels on Thursday. (Grace & Glory confirmed on March 12 that its Friday the 13th event will go on as planned.)

Friday the 13th tattoos New York City
One flash sheet from Magic Cobra Tattoo Society. | Courtesy of Magic Cobra Tattoo Society

Friday the 13th Tattoos in New York

Daredevil Tattoo
The shop goes all-in for the spooky holiday. You'll find $13 tattoos with a $7 tip. As they've done for 15 years, you can line up at noon and put your name on a reservation list at that time so you don't have to stand around all day.

Fineline Tattoo
Fineline has decided to cancel its event for March 13, the shop confirmed to Thrillist.

Live By the Sword
Both locations -- Williamsburg and SoHo -- will be doing tattoos that start at $50 and piercings starting at $10.

Magic Cobra Tattoo Society
The mystical snake is almost always participating in Friday the 13th festivities. Snag a tattoo off of the above flash sheet for $60-100. (Magic Cobra confirmed on March 12 that its Friday the 13th event will go on as planned.)

Friday the 13th Tattoos Philadelphia
Courtesy of Art Machine Productions

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Philadelphia

Art Machine Productions
Art Machine's event is not canceled, but as of Thursday, it has been altered. Select artists will still be participating. Some are making it appointment only and others will accept walk-ins. Check with individual artists to find their plans for the day.

Hunter Gatherer
Hunter Gatherer has canceled its Friday the 13th event. The shop told Thrillist that an event "is not in the best interest of community or personal safety at this time." It is discussing a "rain date" event and also noted that individual artists may have flash specials or offer designs on another date. Customers are welcome to contact the artists directly.

Moo Tattoo
From March 12-16, you can nab a $31 tattoo off a flash sheet at Moo. You'll also find $130 "VIP" designs on the flash sheets.

Friday the 13th tattoos in Portland
Courtesy of Adorn Body Art

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Portland

Adorn Body Art
Both Adorn West and Adorn Uptown will have first-come, first-serve tattoos available for $31 with a minimum $9 tip. Adorn West will be open from noon to 8pm, and Uptown will be open from 11am to 7pm. A representative also tells Thrillist that lines often go around the block and "availability usually disappears very quickly." Get there early. However, Adorn is asking that customers not bring friends who aren't getting a service to help keep the number of people in the shop at any time to a minimum.

Icon Tattoo Studio
So, you won't find a flash sheet on Friday the 13th, but Icon hosts a monthly flash event on the last Saturday of every month. You'll be able to swing in on March 28 to pick from a flash sheet created in-house. The monthly event is first-come, first-serve. 

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Seattle

Super Genius Tattoo
Tattoos will start at $60, with the shop open from noon to 10pm. The first-come, first-serve event will only offer tattoos on arms and legs and you have to pay cash. 

Friday the 13th Tattoos in Washington, DC

Embassy Tattoo
The flash sheet from Embassy will only be available to view in-store. Get your $31-$81 tattoo from noon to 9:30pm. Appointments will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Hyena Tattoos
From 1-6pm, you'll get to pick from 13 designs that will cost $80 each. Three artists will be working the event and each will cap their day at six tattoos, so it's advised that you arrive early. (Hyena Tattoo confirmed to Thrillist on March 12 that its event will go on as planned.)

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