Frito-Lay's 2022 Holiday Snack Lineup Is Here

Get Snowflake shaped Cheetos and Smart Food mixed with Cap’n Crunch.

This year, when your least favorite uncle calls you a snowflake for asking where the recycling bin is, instead of launching into a speech about the climate that he's not going to comprehend or listen to, just say: "Yep." And then, reach for your bag of Cheetos Snowflakes White Cheddar Cheese Flavored Snacks. It's conflict resolution and tasty little treats all in one.

And, even if you don't plan on having to mitigate any drought conversations this holiday season, Frito-Lay still has you covered. The company is now offering its 2022 Holiday Lineup, which is chock full of festive snacks. According to Brand Eating, there are six options available at stores nationwide.

In addition to the Snowflake Cheetos, there are also the Lay's Sweet & Salty Dipped Clusters, Smartfood Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries Merry Berry Popcorn Mix, Smartfood Caramel & Cinnamon Apple Popcorn, Cheetos Popcorn Tin, Smartfood Holiday Tin, and Tostitos Red Trees. You can purchase all of these snacks at retailers nationwide, and if you want to save yourself a trip to the store, you can also buy them at

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