This Airline Has 99% Off Flights Today Only & Your Vacation Days Are Screaming

Every time you don't take your vacation days, a fairy dies. That means, if you've collected carry-over days for the 10 or whatever years you've been at a company, you've killed colonies of innocent lifeforms. Kids have been waking up with teeth still beneath their pillows. Just think about that.

We're begging you to be a travel hero, and -- apparently -- so is Frontier Airlines. The barebones budget airline is selling one-way plane tickets for 99% off for one day only on Monday.

As is always the case with flight deals, there are rules. You need tobuy by the end of the day today, September 23. So tonight at 11:59pm. The flight needs to happen before 12/18/19. The flight needs to be for non-stop, domestic travel. On a Tuesdays or Wednesday... I can sense your face falling, but at least there are only two blackout dates: November 26 and 27.

To get the deal, use the promo code: SAVE99. Just go to the deal page, plug in the flight you're looking for in the box towards the top of the page, put the code in, and click "search." 

On the page there's a list of markets included in the offer. There are a bunch, so definitely go check it out for yourself, but the locations that had the most flight deals were from Albany, Austin, Cleveland, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Fort Myers, Las Vegas, and Miami. 

The price you see covers all fees, surcharges and taxes, but we need to talk about the airline itself: Frontier is a budget airline, meaning you only get a seat and a personal item. You do not get complimentary space for your massive carry-on hiking backpack, and they're pretty strict about emotional support animals, meaning no support miniature horse for you. So go and check out the additional fees if you're planning to take your little Seabiscuit on a trip long enough to require lots of luggage. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.