Live Fast: This Airline Is Offering $15 Flights Today Only

Crashing surf on the beach at El Morro Fortress, San Juan, Puerto Rico
El Morro Fortress, San Juan, Puerto Rico | Gary Ives/shutterstock
El Morro Fortress, San Juan, Puerto Rico | Gary Ives/shutterstock

Where would you go if you had one day left to live? Better yet, where would you go if you had ample years left, but only a few hours to decide where to take a trip under the constraints of a budget airline travel deal? Now go there, because Frontier Airlines has flights starting at $15, for one day only on Wednesday. You only have one life to travel, my friend. And get tattoos on your ass, etc.

Departure cities include Atlanta, Austin, Denver, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Las Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, Newark, Orlando, among others. The destination cities are slimmer, averaging one or two locations per departure city. Heads up: there are a ton of San Juan, Puerto Rico deals. 

There are, of course, rules that make the deals less dope. You have to purchase the tickets on October 9, by 11:59pm. So live fast, friends. And fares are only valid for nonstop domestic travel from Monday to Thursday, and Saturday, through December 18, 2019. You also might have trouble getting to your designated Thanksgiving spot, unless you make a week of it because the deal's blackout dates are November 16, 27, and 30. 

Frontier is already known for its insane flight deals. This summer it was giving tickets away to people with the last name Greene or Green. This year, kids were allowed to fly free on selected days. Sure, it's a budget airline, and you can't bring your miniature horse support animal on the plane like you can on other airlines, but there's no denying that the deals are dope. 

Here's where budget airlines really make you squirm. Even though fares shown include "all transportation fees, surcharges, and taxes," they might not include the amenities you assume they will. As in, you'll probably get charged in the $30 range for a carry-on, and have to pay additional fees for a checked bag. And a meal, and choosing a seat. Not so dope. 

Dope: We populate a dense sphere that is hurling through space, surrounded by infinite galaxies that contain, probably, other lifeforms with characteristics beyond our wildest imaginations. Our lives are insignificant, and awareness of that insignificance is the greatest possible fuel for a lifetime of adventure. And motivation for ass tattoos.

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.