This Airline Scared the Crap Out of People With a Major Email Mishap

Technology has proven time and time again that it has the capacity to ruin us. Remember in November, when a bunch of people started getting texts originally sent on or around Valentine's Day? We thought no blip in technology could be as disruptive as this iMessage reenactment of an old flame still burning, until we saw the news of Frontier Airline's email mishap this week.

"There has been a change to your upcoming flight," read an email the airline accidentally sent to passengers across the country, according to USA Today. There was no further explanation or hint at what that statement meant, save for a suggestion that passengers call the "rebooking hotline" to talk about re-accommodation, which most certainly did not sound like the conclusion to an email about a new vegetarian dinner option on the flight. It was the travelers equivalent to the text "we need to talk," and travelers weren't having it. 

And the rants went on. As you can see, the phone lines immediately became busy after the email was sent and people were left fuming and confused.

Airline bae finally let customers know what it wanted to "talk about" around 10pm EST, with a tweet explaining the whole thing had been caused by "a technical problem." 

Frontier was just ranked most likely to bump you from a flight, so the budget airline has certainly seen better days. No matter, though. We travelers will stan a cheap queen until, like WOW Air, it goes bankrupt and strands thousands across the world. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.