Hurry, This Sale Has Round Trip Flights for Less Than $55

Cheap U.S. flights

A summer flight sale from the budget airline Frontier could have you taking a quick trip for very cheap. 

The airline is currently offering one-way tickets as low as $29 during the sale. That means you can find roundtrip tickets for just over $57, including taxes. (As a bonus, if you buy tickets for a flight before June 14 on Sunday, May 21, you can get an extra 35 percent off your tickets with the code "SAVE35.")

As usual, the deals are only available for specific routes, but Frontier has a lot of routes. There are 60 with one-way tickets under $50. 

cheap U.S. flights
cheap U.S. flights

Don't forget Frontier is a budget airline. There are charges for all the little things, such as picking your seat. The cost to reserve a standard seat ranges from $6 to $15 in each direction. Though, there are often a handful of seats without a reservation fee. If you're flying cheap, you can skip that process and just get assigned a seat at the airport. 

The airline also charges $35 for a piece of checked luggage or a full-size carry-on if you purchase online in advance of your flight. The fee for baggage goes up if you purchase the day of your flight. 

But even with all these fees, there are still cheap flights to be had. In the above example, with a full-size carry-on or one piece of checked luggage in both directions, the total is just $124.62. If you're a flexible traveler willing to travel light, you're likely to find a good deal.

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